Welcome to everything about gogan. If you follow the links you might find things that you never new about gogan. You might even find out what gogan is, for that matter! But ask yourself the following questions:

Do you care?
Have you got the time to waste?
If I do..boy this better be worth it (Web master note..its not!)
Did you ever meet a gogan that you liked?

Well for those of you who are going to take a look around in here, you might consider the following better uses of your time:

Watching paint dry
Doing a tax return
Hogging some other poor buggers (Irish saying for: Guy) bandwidth
What are you doing just surfing the net, its for doing serious research......isn't it

So why don't you just nick on down to the guestbook a gogan and leave us a message and we can get back to you when we are ready!

See didn't waste too much time!

That is even if you care!


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