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Monday, January 22, 2007

Don't know about you but!

I don't know about you but I have noticed that in Ireland it has gotten much winder these last few years especially the 12 twelve months are so. I have always been a supporter of Global warming (as in always agrered with the theory) but its now that we are REALY seeing the actual results. This image is from and shows a major increase in the average temperature in Ireland over the last few hundred years.

People always say well there is nothing we the little people can do! Me thats for the lazy and the cop out ones. There is a huge amount as an individual one can do. Forget about the fact that you can lobby your local Liar (politician) but if you start been more careful in your usage of power you can make a huge diference.

I live in an apartment block here in Dublin and I am absolutely amazed at how lazy people here are. We have amazing recylce facilities here, they take everything bar organic waste (will look after this in a moment). To this end I bought myself a small wormery now I am throwing out not even a small bag of waste a month. Everything else is recyled. I am hoping that I will soon get a house and I will then be litterly throwing out nothing. So that means that at the end of one year I will have manufactured through my womery (just with my own organic waste 500 kilos of compost for my garden. This will save my roughly about €200 on compost to purchase and will have about 100 litres of liquid plant food as well. Not only that, because I am recyling everything I will also save in excess of €357 on my bin charges. I will also be changing all my light bulbs to long lasting energy efficient ones and will replace them when the old ones are used up. This will also save me

If you follow the simple steps below you can reduce not only the waste and energy you use, but increase your bank balance as well. Believe me over the coming months and years with ever increasing costs for energy starting now will make all the difference:

  • Switch of all lights and TV's videos etc when you are not using them. Doing this you can save up to 20% on your fuel bill

  • Turn your heating down by 1-2 degrees and save another 10%

  • Use CFLs bulbs and there is another 20% saved on your lighting

  • Use a wormery and save upto €300 per year

Over the next while I will be adding many more new hints and tips, these are just the obvious ones but already if you follow them you could reduce your energy bill by almost 40% in a year. But more importantly you will reduce your contribution to global warming in CO2 emissions by several tonnes per year.

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