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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Steven J. Milloy, Publisher, & Paid activist by big tobaco, oil

I was doing some research for another post on Global Warming and I found a couple of sites that were debunking Global Warming as been man made and they were citing a "independent expert" with no axe to grind.

But actually nothing could be further from the truth. On his site he quotes some books and papers he wrote and his learned (don't doubt these) credenials. But what worries me is when he gets quoted to and referred to by media and politicians who are trying to put a "realistic" spin on the Global Warming issue then this worries me. -- Steven J. Milloy, Publisher says he wrote "EPA's Cancer Risk Assessment Guidelines: Guidance to Nowhere" , with co-author Michael Gough (Cato Institute, 1996), he is also paid advocate for Phillip Morris.

He has been paid by Exxon to assist them directly and indirectly by over $250,000 over the last several years. So when you look for independent sources to justify the stance against man caused global warming and you want to quote Steven Milloy take a look a few of the links below.

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