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Thursday, February 08, 2007

"Car firms attack pollution plans" .. what a surprise

"European car makers have described plans to force them to cut back on harmful exhaust emissions as "unbalanced" and "damaging"." as seen on BBC News Site today. This I must say is a real surprise (sic). It kind of harks back to the halcian days of the catalytic converter and when the EPA (click here) the now great protector of the environment according to BIG OIL. But when the motor industry brought them in as standard it did not mark the collapse of the industry and all the jobs.

Big business is essentially afraid of change, there has been so many examples of this in the past, where companies were almost destroyed (and in many cases were) where they did not face up to the challenge of change. The ironic thing is that it is the revolutionary change that is the very best for big business. It keeps things evolutionarily fresh, it allows for exponential profit growth, it speeds up competition and provides better service to the customer!

"If left unchanged, the commission proposal would erode the economic strength of Europe ", says ACEA president Sergio Marchionne. In other words short term loss of profits for the car firms, long term loss for the world. Fear, they have learned has worked in influencing policy makers and the media loves these kind of headlines, then the politicians follow this like lemmings and the mass unwashed go it was in the papers it must be true! We then have the brave backing down and the "Close to death" business leaders patting themselves on the back and awarding themselves a larger bonus this year for "protecting" the industry.

But another vested interest that do not want us to have more fuel efficient, environmentally GREENER cars are those lovable greeners the BIG OIL. Because if the CO2
emissions are cut by 20% we will use 20% less fuel and thus save more money at the petrol/gas tank. But they forget, that their business will last 20% because they will have more fuel to sell. God I hate short term thinkers!

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