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Friday, June 08, 2007

Wireless Electricity

Xinhua - English" BEIJING, June 8 (Xinhuanet) -- Scientists may have signaled an end to electric cords and batteries when they lit a 60-watt light bulb from a power source seven feet away without using a physical connection. The researchers have named their concept "WiTricity" as in "wireless electricity."

MIT physicist Marin Soljacic started thinking years ago about how to transmit power wirelessly so his cell phone could recharge without ever being plugged in. "

Telsa did this almost 80 years ago, glad to see the world is beginning to catch up, needless to say he was also a major advocate and the father of "Zero Point Energy" which would not only solve the energy problem, Global Warming but also my back pocket!

For those who don't know Zero Point Energy is straight out of the quantum world. "In a quantum mechanical system such as the particle in a box or the quantum harmonic oscillator, the lowest possible energy is called the zero-point energy. According to classical physics, the kinetic energy of a particle in a box or the kinetic energy of the harmonic oscillator may be zero if the velocity is zero." Taken from Wikipedia Zero Point
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As an aside I remember I was giving a speech in Istanbul in 1999 for Com 21 cable company to the European Cable Industry. Over several drinks I had a long conversation with a wireless expert and I was saying it was only a matter of decades that we would have wireless power. He refuted it, but I was adamant that I was right, for me it was energy and it was only a matter of when it could be done, one matter stream is the same as another. Ok did not understand the science behind it, but the principle. Just wish now I bet on it >:¬}

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