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Monday, July 02, 2007

Nuclear Energy Hot topic again.... oh no!

Wired News - AP News
BOSTON (AP) -- "Thanks to global warming, nuclear energy is hot again. Its promise of abundant, carbon emissions-free power is being pushed by the president and newly considered by environmentalists. But any expansion won't come cheap or easy."

I am not a big fan of this source of energy, for a whole host of reasons, cost, value, what do to about waste, also it will NOT stop climate change. Even make a substantial dent.

Nuclear power produces direct and indirect emission of 68 to 230 grams of CO2 per kWh electricity produced. This comes from the mining process all the way to production. Where as wind and solar are free of emissions and within 18 months f production will have counter acted the cost in fossil fuel production in the manufacture of the farms. Wave power is close to this but the power generated has still to step up, more investment is required here, of course if they a tiny diverted portion of the funds to even promote nuclear as an option it may make a bigger difference.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Study on “The Future of Nuclear Power” stated that a global growth scenario for as many as 1500 one thousand megawatt-electric new reactors would be needed to displace a significant amount of carbon-emitting fossil generation.

Excellent article on this can be found here

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Blogger Angela said...

It would be fullish of me to say the nuclear energy should not be discussed in the climate change topic, but how come we keep bringin up so many subjects and still we don't say much about the oceans?

We see pollution and we think this is our major problem and it brings all evil. We like the oceans and we don't think about their imensisty and about how they can change the climate.

5:55 AM


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