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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The best Italian Meal intown

Ok, I don't normally do this but my client Dan in La Caverna has been chasing me for ages to come down and have a dinner there. The only reason I did not was my old excuse of TIME. My god though I wish I found the time to go there before now because the food was just amazing. Not going to review the food cause I can't describe it well enough but for my mind this was the very best Italian restaurant I have been to in Dublin in a long time and the wine list complemented to food perfectly.

If you also want a treat then the Chocolate Brownie is something that once you have tasted you would drive through hordes of the most terrible creatures to get to.... Actually I am doing a homer right now thinking of them. So if you find yourself anywhere near Temple Bar forget fast food, over priced bar food or way over priced pretentious fancy restaurants and head down to La Caverna you will have beautiful food at great prices and in a lovely atmosphere... Dan make sure there is a Brownie for me tomorrow!!!!

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