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Monday, June 02, 2008

Use Sunlight to Make Fuel From CO2

Scientists from Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico discovered a way to utilise the power of sunlight to produce methanol and or gasoline (petrol). Now I must say at first glance this is exciting but unfortunately if they discover a way to perfect this then this could assist in reducing the overal global contribution of large power plants and general industry to the Global Warming contribution with their outputs.

Maybe if Governments were not so short sighted they could force the oil companies to contribute some of their massive new profits to invest in this and a few other Carbon Scrubbing technologies. Sunlight to Petrol method they claim that it
reverses the combustion process, recovering the building blocks of hydrocarbons. "This is about closing the cycle," said Ellen Stechel, manager of Sandia's Fuels and Energy Transitions department. "Right now our fossil fuels are emitting CO2. This would help us manage and reduce our emissions and put us on the path to a carbon-neutral energy system."

The prototype device, called the Counter Rotating Ring Receiver Reactor Recuperator (CR5, for short), will break a carbon-oxygen bond in the carbon dioxide to form carbon monoxide and oxygen in two distinct steps. It is a major piece of an approach to converting carbon dioxide into fuel from sunlight.

“Our overall objective with this prototype is to demonstrate the practicality of the CR5 concept and to determine how test results from small-scale testing can be expanded to work in real devices,” Miller says. “The design is conservative compared to what might eventually be developed.”

But then if you can imagine that every C02 producing power plant had one of these connected, then it could completely close the loop with not only stop the pumping of more C02 into the environment, but lengthen the time we have with fossil fuels. This could be a win win situation.

Scientists Use Sunlight to Make Fuel From CO2

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Blogger Thunder Pig said...

Forcing the oil companies to spend their profits on this?

I don't hold to fascism in any form.

If the process is viable, and cost-effective, the Free Market will provide the solution. Government actions almost always lead to disaster, and worsening any problem they tackle.

Have you considered that Human-caused Global Warming (CAGW) is a Marxist Hoax designed to give power to the governments of the world over every aspect of our lives?

Have you also considered that Solar Cycle 24 will be a slow and long cycle with few sunspots? This would mean that the earth is headed into a Global Cooling period, which means an even greater disaster for mankind than warming.

With the cooling climate, the growing seasons will be shorter, and millions will starve. Retards growing food for fual will starve millions who could be eating that food.
The oil we aren't drilling, the oil refineries we aren't building will leave millions to freeze to death in the cold.

Google Solar Cycle 24 and Global Ice Age.

The very things that the Global warming people want us to do is the exact opposite of what we should be doing, and will murder millions just as surely as banning DDT killed millions in Africa.

4:25 PM

Blogger alex said...

Hi Thunder Pig,
I agree with you that most things in an ideal world should be left to the Free Market, but when this fails as it is now then Governments should intercede even for a brief time. Even by providing other economic incentives. Short term greed is rife amongst free market capitalists and they can then in turn destroy economies. This happened in the early 90's with the Global Currency crises. It was here that Warren Buffet plus many more made multi billion dollars in a few short months but in the process cost hundreds of thousands of jobs world wide and almost brought the global economy to its knees.

Governments and our "leaders" can be creative. But instead they are talking and doing nothing as always. This then leaves the person in the street facing huge increases in costs and nothing to show for it.

3:08 PM


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