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Monday, February 26, 2007

Shape my day the Quantum Way

Over the last number of years I have been thinking on the possibilities of the mind, where we have come from, where we are and where we will be in the never ending now!
I have noticed that over the last 20 years (OK its taken me a long time), either I have been more receptive or there has actually been a major increase in group awareness of the power of the "Unified Mind" and what it can achieve.

Ireland and the Celtic Tiger I feel is a classic example of an awaking to the potential. For decades essentially since independence from Britain the Irish had a down beat view of ourselves, we had probably one of the greatest inferiority complex a nation could have. We worked hard outside of Ireland and "dossed" at home. We were always the almost haves, we almost won a medal in the Olympics. We had this sicofantic notion of ourselves that we were held back from our true potential by the BRITS, why it was their fault that we did not... what ever.

The ironic thing about our "sudden" belief in ourselves as a nation of peoples who can achieve things on a global scale, to be peoples who actually matter, to be a country that people want to come to visit on holidays (in their millions) to a country that is now viewed as the land of opportunity for hundreds of thousands of Europeans is actually down to a few BRITS, Jack Charlton, Daniel Day Lewis, Alan Parker to name but a few (ok Jim Sheridan and Roddy Doyle are Dubs and Irish but go with me on this)!

Upto the late 1980's and early 1990's Ireland was a nation of major begrudgers and we were a net exporter of our own People! Then it started with Big Jack and Stuttgard 1988 ENGLAND 0-1 IRELAND all of a sudden we bet them.. we actually bet them in their own beautiful game (OK it was a Scottish guy who scored the goal). Before the game we did not even think it could happen. Our hearts dreamt of the day that we would have a team that would actually bet England, but our heads new we couldn't... sure what the hell were we doing in the European Championships anyway. We won! God I remember the parties that day. Most people can remember where they were that day as well. Hearing the stories from people you would think that most of Ireland was actually there in the Stuttgard. When the boys came back it was to a hero's welcome. Not because we won the European Championships ( we did not.. not even close) but what they did was all of a sudden our hearts desire became a reality ... We bet England in football. This was to become known as "The Stuttgart Effect"! If we could do this we could achieve almost anything. Jack Charlton gave us a belief in ourselves.

In 1989 Jim Sheridan and Daniel Day-Lewis brought home the Oscars and a slue of other awards. My god what was happening, we are beginning to believe in ourselves now.

1990 Italy world cup finals again. This time we are expecting something great. We go there in our tens of thousands essentially to do what we do best and Party. But we also now believe we can win match's! We get to the quarter finals and were robbed by the Italians. In the 1980's and before we would have been depressed, but now hell we had a great time, we loved the journey now lets party. When the boys came back they were cheered on through the streets of Dublin by over 200,000 fans.

We are now a nation of believers we can achieve things. The biggest band in the world, why its an Irish Band, U2. Waterford Crystal becomes one of the most famous desirable brand in the luxury market. Guinness, Baileys Irish Cream, Jameson, these are now world brands and Irish. We are now a nation of potential and we are proud, we brag and hold our shoulders up high. Over the course of the next 10 years we have added many other Brands to the world market, Ryan Air now one of the largest Airlines in the World.

will finish this later....

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Environment on Squidoo

Environment on Squidoo Here is my new section on the Future of the Environment as I see it. Because I feel this is the most important issue facing us today this deserves to have as many pages dedicated to is as possible. Over the coming weeks I will be adding many more pages here and in my new look Gogan site. I will also be putting a substantial section on my work site Future Business.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Hottest New Phones From 3GSM: Samsung's Ultra Edition II 5.9

Christmas Present for alex The Hottest New Phones From 3GSM: Samsung's Ultra Edition II 5.9 Christmas Pressie for me???


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The Hottest New Phones From 3GSM: Possio GRETA

Birthday Present for alex.. go on you know you want toThe Hottest New Phones From 3GSM: Possio GRETA
Its my birthday coming up soon (ok September) so start saving


AddThis Social Bookmark Button - The Irish Times - Tue, Feb 13, 2007 - US diplomat attacks EU's 'goofy' emissions policy - The Irish Times - Tue, Feb 13, 2007 - US diplomat attacks EU's 'goofy' emissions policy: "Mr Gray robustly defended the US policy on climate change, arguing that the US was investing more in research into renewables and clean coal technology than Europe. 'I don't feel we should take a back seat to anybody in terms of how we are going about this and how we are doing . . . I don't think we need to be embarrassed,' he said."

True, neither does the current administration feel embarrassed about Iraq and Afghanistan. The US administration do not want to curb their C02 emissions, but thank god that the US city fathers and many non Republican States don't follow G.W line. Otherwise we would be in a real big mess even faster (Republican States use more electricity than California by three times and are twice the norm national average and these states are not the heavily industrialised ones either!

California's emissions will soon be lower than that of Denmark, and in its own right it is in the worlds top 5 economies. If most major countries followed their lead with "I'll be back Arnie" then $60 billion world wide invested into renewables (USA did $30 billion last year) then we do stand a good chance of atleast slowing down the affects of Global Warming and buying ourselves more time.

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Flu pandemic could choke Internet, requiring usage restrictions

Flu pandemic could choke Internet, requiring usage restrictions: "February 12, 2007 (Computerworld) -- Many companies and government agencies are counting on legions of teleworkers to keep their operations running in the event of an influenza pandemic. But those plans may quickly fall apart as millions of people turn to the Internet for news and even entertainment, potentially producing a bandwidth-choking surge in online traffic."

It would not only be the Telecommunications I would worry about but also Power and all the other utilities that we could have difficulty with. But then again the conspiracy theorist in me thinks back to Millennium Bug, Sars, Democracy (come on does it still exist??) and wonders is this a healthy bit of distraction?

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Monday, February 12, 2007

What the IPCC didn't tell us

  • 0.13 °C. The amount the atmosphere is warming each decade
  • 1.3 times as much CO2 is entering the atmosphere compared with just 20 years ago
  • 3 kilometres. The depth to which the oceans have warmed
  • 3.1 centimetres. The rise in sea level each decade
  • 90 per cent certainty that we are to blame
"The word they were most pleased with was "unequivocal". Three hundred government-appointed delegates from 113 countries were last week unanimous in agreeing what most climate scientists have believed for years: that the world is warming fast and that humans are almost certainly to blame." New Scientist 9 Feb 07

I do not know which scares me more, the fact that 113 different government appointed delegates unanimously agree or that the Environment is actually worse off than I thought!

Your right, the delegates agreeing is scarier!

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

U.S. behind curve on global warming | The Progressive

"The other report, released by the Union of Concerned Scientists -- the organization I work for -- and the Government Accountability Project uncovered new evidence that political barriers are hindering federal climate scientists from releasing and discussing their findings on global warming.
One hundred-fifty scientists reported at least 435 occurrences of political interference in their work over the past five years. Interference ranged from pressure to eliminate the words "climate change" and "global warming" in their communications to officials listening in on interviews between scientists and journalists.
Rather than trying to silence global warming scientists, whose research is funded by the American public, the federal government needs to listen to the experts, consider their scientific conclusions and take action.
Kathleen Rest is executive director of the Union of Concerned Scientists, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit working for a healthy environment and a safer world.
Hopefully now the interfernce will end, there will be World Peace, the cow will jump over the moon and G.W. will actually care about the common person.
Wonder which will come first.

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"Car firms attack pollution plans" .. what a surprise

"European car makers have described plans to force them to cut back on harmful exhaust emissions as "unbalanced" and "damaging"." as seen on BBC News Site today. This I must say is a real surprise (sic). It kind of harks back to the halcian days of the catalytic converter and when the EPA (click here) the now great protector of the environment according to BIG OIL. But when the motor industry brought them in as standard it did not mark the collapse of the industry and all the jobs.

Big business is essentially afraid of change, there has been so many examples of this in the past, where companies were almost destroyed (and in many cases were) where they did not face up to the challenge of change. The ironic thing is that it is the revolutionary change that is the very best for big business. It keeps things evolutionarily fresh, it allows for exponential profit growth, it speeds up competition and provides better service to the customer!

"If left unchanged, the commission proposal would erode the economic strength of Europe ", says ACEA president Sergio Marchionne. In other words short term loss of profits for the car firms, long term loss for the world. Fear, they have learned has worked in influencing policy makers and the media loves these kind of headlines, then the politicians follow this like lemmings and the mass unwashed go it was in the papers it must be true! We then have the brave backing down and the "Close to death" business leaders patting themselves on the back and awarding themselves a larger bonus this year for "protecting" the industry.

But another vested interest that do not want us to have more fuel efficient, environmentally GREENER cars are those lovable greeners the BIG OIL. Because if the CO2
emissions are cut by 20% we will use 20% less fuel and thus save more money at the petrol/gas tank. But they forget, that their business will last 20% because they will have more fuel to sell. God I hate short term thinkers!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Man in Britian been monitored for Bird Flu strain

A worker involved in the cull of 160,000 turkeys in Britain's first outbreak of bird flu is being monitored in hospital with a mild respiratory complaint, the Health Protection Agency said on Tuesday. REUTERS / Luke MacGregor (BRITAIN)

Ok I did not hear this on the news! Needless to say it could be one of those unfortunate events. But still!


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Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Ok so the "INTERGOVERNMENTAL PANEL ON CLIMATE CHANGE" has just produced it "
"Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis"( click to read the report). To sumerise this briefly:
  1. Do nothing and we are screwed
  2. Do a little and we are screwed
  3. Do a bit more and we are still screwed!
We have VERY little time left to get our collective brains together and actually act. If we sit and wait for our lofty politicians to do something then go to point 1and point 2 above. We maybe lucky and they then get all excited and start on point 3 above. We really can't rely on them to lead us. The last few years have shown me that our politicians do not lead us where we want to go (Iraq, Afganistan, democracy), no they go where their short term gain is or their mid term monetary gain is for their friends.

We must act, we do not have to really do much to start really making a big difference. How about looking at this in a way that might be eaiser. Insurance has gotten more and more expensive over the last decade and by 2010-2015 (between three and eight years away) it is set to more than triple. In the last thirty years in the US alone insurance damages have gone from an average of $1,000,000,000 per year to €17,000,000,000 PER YEAR. Just imagine that you bought a beautiful new home somewhere near a coastline in the US (54% of all Americans live within a 50 mile drive to the coast), you insure your home against all risks but within the next year or so a nasty pesky hurricane, tornado, tidal surge or just really bad storm distroys it. Your covered with your insurance right.... wrong. As quoted in Newsweek 29th Jan 2007; "We believe what the scientists are telling us", says Michael Trevino, a spokesman for Allstate insurance, which paid €5.7 billion in catastrophic losses in 2005 and they have sharpely cut back on this kind of coverage. "The country is in the beginning period where sustained more frequent and more intense hurricanes," he says. "We believe it would be bad business to continue to add to our risk".

In short you are screwed, and I do not blame them, or any other insurance company for not covering this. I must admit where I sympathise with anyone suffering loss or damages on a human individual level, we have only got ourselves to blame for this, not pur leaders, or company owners (ok they could have helped a damn bit more). But we vote them in, we use there products, we throw things away, drive the big cars, go on REALLY SHORT journies and use needless power. I have been one of those wasters, but I am changing.

In my previous post I am recylcing just about everything and now I have changed my power supplier to a Wind Generating Power company Within the next few months I will be changing my car. I will be doing a bit of research as to weither it is better to buy one of the brand new dual powered cars, like Saab Biopower , Biofuel Focus, or one of the hybrids. Needless to say I will use a bit of brain matter and reasrch to see which is the best in the long run, converting my existing car for biofuel or a better second hand. But what ever will have the best and least impact to the enviroment I will go for (yes and only use it when I really need to).

My friend Trevor Sargent TD ( got me the wormery and he has saved me and will save me thousands. And I must say that of all the politicians out there he is one of conviction, honesty and integrity. We need more like him! I always viewed myself as a liberial, enviromentalist, tree hugging neo-conservative. But I finally got off the fence and see myself as a "Envirocapitalist" (you have seen it first here)!

Hopefully over the next few weeks I will be redeveloping the site proper, and I will be putting in much more information on the enviroment and will leave here more for the daily/regular rant!

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