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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Steven J. Milloy, Publisher, & Paid activist by big tobaco, oil

I was doing some research for another post on Global Warming and I found a couple of sites that were debunking Global Warming as been man made and they were citing a "independent expert" with no axe to grind.

But actually nothing could be further from the truth. On his site he quotes some books and papers he wrote and his learned (don't doubt these) credenials. But what worries me is when he gets quoted to and referred to by media and politicians who are trying to put a "realistic" spin on the Global Warming issue then this worries me. -- Steven J. Milloy, Publisher says he wrote "EPA's Cancer Risk Assessment Guidelines: Guidance to Nowhere" , with co-author Michael Gough (Cato Institute, 1996), he is also paid advocate for Phillip Morris.

He has been paid by Exxon to assist them directly and indirectly by over $250,000 over the last several years. So when you look for independent sources to justify the stance against man caused global warming and you want to quote Steven Milloy take a look a few of the links below.

Other links:

Seed Newsvine


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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Stop stealing our forest!

Stop stealing our forest!
Got this invite to a site just before I was going to head of to bed, and I am glad I did. Its from the Friends of the Earth Netherlands and they have an action group that is visiting cities and planting trees around them at night trying to promote the fact of illegal logging world-wide.

This is a major contributor to the damage done to our global environment, it does more damage to the world then smoking does to a person. As we are cutting out pieces of our lungs by doing this. And all of the global efforts in replanting just doesn't come close to the amount that has been stolen from the globe.

There are so many action points to consider in the fight against global warming but this one should be close to the top of everyone's list. What these guys are doing is illegal, but it is probably one of the very best ways of bringing the issue to the forefront. Well Done! I will do what I can to help.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Irelands Carbon Budget

The Irish Minister for the Environment John Gormley (Green Party) has announced a Carbon Budget today in Dail (Irish Parliament). In essence the policies will be:

Every Government initiative will "carbon-proofed" prior to instigation.
Their is new Motor Taxation on cars that will charge owners of larger cars by the following:
Motor tax rates will be graduated as one moves up the CO2 bands.

* Band A (under 120 grams per km) - €100.
* Band B (121-140 grams per km) - €150.
* Band C (141-155 grams per km) - €290.
* Band D (156-170 grams per km) - €430.
* Band E (171-190 grams per km) - €600.
* Band F (191-225 grams per km) - €1,000.
* Band G, the top band -€2,000, reflecting CO2 emissions of over 225grams per km.

"The clear objective of this new motor tax system is to influence the purchasing decisions of consumers by rewarding the buyers of low-emitting cars and charging a premium on less efficient vehicles," Mr Gormley said.

Also he announced that incandescent bulbs will no longer be sold in Ireland by January 2009.

These are a start, but to be honest with you it is nowhere near enough. I would have expected so much more. If it was me I would have insisted on the following:

Tax Credits to all apartment management companies that install solar and wind powered generation to contribute towards the running of the electric power of the complexes

Issue "fuel stamps" like payments to every householder of €100 to purchase long life bulbs (total cost €146,952,100)

Place 100% environmental Levy on standard bulbs (potential revenue €95,812,769

Nett cost of the last two is a maximum €51,139,330 Saving to the consumer on power (average) €125 per year on electrical charges.

We would also reduce upto 700,000 tonnes in carbon emission production.

But because I am not in power can't do this, but I will make my own representations on this.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Global Warming - Dramatic Climate Destabilization - wonderingmind42

This is the very best.... let me say this again THE VERY BEST presentation on understanding why we need to do something about Global Warming. The video was created by a high school science teacher in the US. This is what he says about the movie.

"An undeniable conclusion. (Go ahead. . . Try.) WARNING: mature content may be disturbing to some viewers.

For your navigation pleasure, the following is a list of the URLs of the entire "Expansion Pack" of videos supporting the video "How It All Ends." These videos anticipate and answer EVERY OBJECTION OR CRITICISM of the argument contained in "How It All Ends" that the author has ever heard. Unbelievable, but true. Go ahead--take 'er for a spin and see if you can find any holes!

Just click and enjoy! (Or, have the hairs on the back of your neck raised. . . )

The original video and the entire "Expansion Pack" are also available for download as MP4 files, available for editing, burning, subtitling, mashing up, ripping off, making fun of--whatever."

For more videos if you go here Wonderingmind42 on You Tube. There is nothing more I can add that will make this video any better or explain it any clearer, but you should watch this video.. NO YOU MUST!

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