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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

South Dublin Property Market - how it has changed over the years

Over the last 10 years the landscape of South Dublin has changed completely, from the redevelopment of Sandyford Industrial Estate from mainly Industrial to now a living and leisure area. Dundrum Village, once a quaint area mainly to live with its leafy roads and mature housing estates is now a major shopping district and entertainment place.

With Sandyford Industrial Estate, the changes there are so dramatic. Once it was the home of mainly small to medium warehouse's and industrial units, to now a major hub of International business with many large European headquarters of large multi-national companies (Microsoft). There now is several hotels, a hospital, cinema, shopping centre, Luas, and now their are thousands of high quality apartments for the local workforce.

With Vincent Finnegan Ltd the experts of local knowledge of the property market in South Dublin, Dundrum, Rathfarnham and beyond they have seen all the changes. There are very few estate agents with the knowledge of a local area that have been living and working there. Most of the competition are the large nationals who have come in (and since the property down turn left or leaving) because they did not truly understand the local market and were just "shifting boxes". Where as Vincent Finnegan have been in operation for many years providing the very best service to their clients. In many cases the company sold the home to their clients and then their sons and daughters came back to them to help with their housing needs. You will not find a better Estate Agent in South Dublin to help and assist you with your property requirements, be it sales or letting in residential or commercial property in South Dublin.

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