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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Vista - Very Instable System To Avoid! And Why I hate Sony And Microsoft

vista - Very Instable System To Avoid! & DESTROY MY SONY VGN-TZ21MN with Genuine Windows Vista® Business - LIVE ON THE INTERNET!

I was excited, very excited, I was getting my new beautiful laptop with
"Genuine Windows Vista® Business"
after Sony took three months to try and fix the last Blue Screen of death one I thought that this would be heaven. Now I know I work in the IT environment and I should have known better and looking back at myself I am wondering why I did not rip out Vista put in dual boot FreeBSd, and XP pro but I was excited I got my new baby (sorry love I do love you but it is a beautiful laptop).

I am ready, I turn it on, knowing full well that it will take a while to get everything installed running but what the hell its worth it. After one week I am frustrated, the camera stops working, I have taken off Office 2007 demo and installed my registered copy of 2003 (Still use but hell), it refuses now to run Office 2003. But during one of the boots Windows runs off grabs some more software for office and vista and hides it some where. (still can't find it all - more later). So I had to uninstall Office 2007 and almost all of its components (not too sure on some apps if they are office related or not) then reinstall Office 2003. Yeah it works now, except every time I start any ap in the family it asks me to accept license..... Its a real pain.

Ok if you are anything like me you are a blogger and social networker and have loads of friends all over the world on ICQ, SKYPE, MSN etc Now when I have these listed in my start up Windows Vista takes 19 minutes 34 seconds to complete its boot before I can start using it! Let me say that again 19 minutes!!!!!!. My Sinclar Spectrum ZX 80 was a dream compared to this. Oh the camera still didn't work at this stage. So I remove all of these from start up and it now boots up like a cheetah....ok I lie like a hobbled cheetah with its legs tied to a post, it now takes 9 minutes 48 seconds to boot. oohh Camera still doesn't work.

Then I thought I will wait till SP1 comes out and pass judgement maybe just maybe it will fix my problems, it did the Camera works and they gave me back an additional 32 seconds of my life. Yeaahhhhh.

Ok now why blame Sony for this after all they built a beautiful machine the hardware I have to say is excellent battery is amazing, screen faultless look beautiful. They shipped it with Vista for gods sake, then to make matters worse they only ship this with 1 gig of ram (for vista its the minimum requirement). Now we all know when Microsoft gives guidelines on their systems or delivery dates we double it and then triple it just for safety sake, so why did not Sony do the same, why not at the very least put a minimum of 2 gigs, at least it would start faster and close faster and not throw up the circular little icon on the screen when you type a word in notepad. Oh I ment to tell you the shut down procedure is over 10 minutes. Back to Sony Rant, the ship it with a peice of crap operating system then to really rub it in they only give ! gig of ram. But I blame myself I should have checked this, I should have read more docs, I think my brain bypassed the bit where it said that the maximum memory the Sony can take is a massive 2 gigs!!! So by SP2 this will be on its knees begging me to put it out of its misery.

But what next I hear the lonely voice reading this cry, well if I do not notice a major improvement by the end of June 2008 after a full 6 months of usage I am going to (bank balance depending) DESTROY MY SONY VGN-TZ21MN with Genuine Windows Vista® Business - Live onthe Internet here!

I would also recommend that no one buys a new laptop with Vista Business if it only comes with 1 gig of ram, it is a complete waste of time and money.

So if I am going to destroy my laptop I am going to be looking for creative ways, so does any oe have some cool suggestions?

Vaio : VGN-TZ21MN/N : Ireland

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Where the Internet has been and where is it going, part one.

I have been involved as a user and as a creator of Internet (in its modern form) services since 1996. Over the last 11 years I have seen many advancements in the technologies used, services and applications. So I thought I would share some of them here.

Therest of the story has been moved to my new Technology, and Future of the Internet blog

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