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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year and Blog Update

Ok have not been really active as of late but a new years resolution is to be more so. I hope to do atleast one post per week on this and possibly two. I have also launched my new blog mainly is mainly for Internet related events that will effect its future and growth. It will be from the stand point from me and my company Future Business an Internet development and services company based in Dublin. It can be found here The Past, Present, and Future of the Internet!

I have moved a few of the posts that were here to the new one as a start and will give a brief synopsis of each one in here as a Link back to the new one. SoI hope you guys like it and welcome any comments thoughts or help with it. anyone helps will also get a link and full credit in the blog roll.!

Once again Happy New Year and lets make 2009 a brilliant one, and don't forget that the Doomsayers on the global economy will come true if all of us run scared and don't buy goods. Prove them wrong and keep on spending (and saving!!!)

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