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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome New Web browser just launched

Ok I am just downloading the new Google Chrome web browser now and can't wait to try it. You can do it also here: This weekend I will write my first thoughts on it. The Comic Book guide I must admit has me salivating!

But this part of the post is done in Chrome... first impression >:¬}

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Google to reignite browser wars proper_Google to launch new browser-Chrome

Google to reignite browser wars proper_Google to launch new browser-Chrome.
Official Google Blog: A fresh take on the browser

Most web user's today do not remember the original browser war and its affect on Internet and Web Development, that between Netscape and Microsoft. But I do, back then creating websites were simpler to do until both the behemoth's at the time started to battle it out. It was a nightmare.

It is a bit the same now, with so many different versions of IE and the operating systems they run on, Opera (my fav), FireFox, Apple's Safari now running on PC and now Googles Chrome. From The Google blog about Chrome it looks like an interesting project and I am waiting like millions of others to see what it is like. But now there is one other browser to worry about (if they are not compliant) when implementing code that will work in all platforms.

I would imagine that they have gathered an amazing amount of research on habits, platforms, environments and capabilities through their analytics, search, email blogging and ad publishing tools to name but a few. For these reasons alone it should be an amazing system, but my biggest fear is at what cost to our freedom and controls. At the moment there is very little because of Microsoft's dominance but this development if successful will surely weaken this. Is it time to look at selling Microsoft stock and buying Google?

I will update this once I test on different platforms Chrome, so watch this space!

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

King of New York!

I Am the KING of NEW YORK!

Ok Which City will get my Gogzilla Treatment next? Paris, Miami, Rio, Venice Rome....

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gizmoz look at me dance!

Just playing around with a new widget! Just love new technology! Needless to say I can't remember when I registered, think it was an option is Skype or one of the IM's but hey I can dance and look cool at the same time. Thank god for the virtual world, cause don't think I look cool when I dance in the real one >:¬}

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I love the internet and where it can bring you.

When I first got connected over (gulp!) 11 years ago (yes it did exist back in the stone age) most people had no idea what it was, back then there were only a few million pages. God I could have surfed it in an afternoon >:¬}.
Now with billions of pages there is not enough in a lifetime. I know between my blog and the websites my company creates (have to do a new one for it) at FBI we are adding at least a hundred pages a day between all the clients and their CMS (content management systems).

Story moved to my new blog The Future of the Internet and Technologies

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